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VFittings Success Story
VIMEX S.A. was founded in 1977 and specializes in designing and manufacturing high precision mainly brass, aluminium and s.steel metallic components.
From early days, the company was established as one of the most reliable and expanding companies in its field with the distinctive title “VF group”
VF Group is based in a privately owned factory in the Industrial Area of Inofita Viotias, covering a total area of 7.000m2, with 2.500m2 indoor industrial spaces.  
Following international demand, the Company continuously expands and modernizes.
VF Group is performing a stable and increasing course, and nowadays has developed into a dynamic company in its category, with remarkable production capabilities and excellent quality for the Southeast Europe's and the International Markets.
The variety of its manufacturing equipment includes automatic lathes of conventional technology (single-spindle and multispindle), CNC lathes, CNC machining centers, forging presses, multi-functional machines for the machining of components and a variety of other auxiliary machinery.
The Company has quality management system according to the standard ISO 9001/2015 and environmental management system according to ISO 14001/2015 certified by TUV Austria. This fact demonstrates the management’s devotion on quality issues.
VF employs 30 experienced and specialized people, who direct and control production, utilizing its technologically integral equipment in the best possible way. The working force of the Company consists of Engineers, Specialized Technicians and Machine Operators.
Over the last years VF, mainly, exports products in the European Community Market and USA. Companies from countries with very high quality standards, such as UK and Germany co-operate with VF. VF’s immediate goal is to expand its activities outside the EC market.
The long period of experience, combined with a variety of manufacturing equipment and the constant search for perfection, do form the basis for the continuous and rapid development of VF. This provides the most substantial guarantee to the industrial sectors, in which the Company provides services.