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Machinery - Equipment
Machinery - Equipment

High production standards of VF, requires high quality machinery and effective maintenance management system to ensure excellent accuracy and repeatability on final products.

VF continuously invests in quality machinery to upgrade its manufacturing capacity, in order to reduce, as possible, delivery time and at the same time increase quality.
    The annual machinery investment plan of VF, is to add 3 to 5 CNC quality machines and   upgrade production capacity by 10-15%.

Indicatively, VF is mainly equipped with:
Machining Department
  • Eleven (11) CNC machines, including four (4) three and four axis machining centers along with seven (7) multi slide turning centers and multi-axis lathes (two to eight axis).
  • Nine (9) automatic lathe machines, capable of handling bars with diameters between Ø3mm and Ø80mm.
  • Seventeen (17) automatic bar feeders (single-spindle and multi-spindle), capable of handling bars with diameters between Ø3mm and Ø80mm.
  • Three (3) multi-functional machines (transfer type, 5-8 units each.), able to process fast and effectively any forged component that require further machining.
Forging Department

Three (3) forging presses of 180T, 200T & 300T of large production capacity, equipped with furnace. All presses can handle hot pressed brass components between 50 grams and 2 kilograms.

Various auxiliary machines that complete the production line (such as Cutting, Drilling, Tapping, Grinding, Welding, Turning, Milling, Glass blasting, Shot blasting, Impact press, Honing and many more machines) and the manufacturing process.