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Machinery - Equipment
VF is equipped with:
  • 8 CNC machining centers. Those include (3 and 4 axis) machine centers and multi-axis lathes (2 up to 8 axis).
  • 15 automatic feed lathe machines (single -spindle and multi-spindle). With capability of producing parts with diameter from Ø3mm - Ø80mm
  • 3 multi-functional machines (transfer type, 5-8 units each.), able to process fast and effectively forged components that require further machining phases for their completion.
  • Various auxiliary machines that make the final finish on the products, when needed.
  • 3 forging presses of 180, 200 & 300 tons, with a large production capacity of brass hot pressed components of weight in the range of 50 grams to 2 kilograms